Milk to the MAX
Milk to the MAX

FEED Program

Feeder Education & Employee Development. Vi-COR’s FEED program was established by a nutritionist to help consultants and dairymen properly train their feeder in not only feed management, but also proper use and technique of feeding equipment.

Dairy farm audits

Vi-COR customer support specialists evaluate your dairy environment and milking procedures, and provide feedback to the nutritionists, employees, and owners. We summarize our findings and provide recommendations for improving milk production and herd health.

How to get Milk to the MAX

Your nutritionist, veterinarian, or feed company can prescribe this valuable program for your dairy. You may also contact Vi-COR directly to see if your dairy qualifies. The Milk to the Max program is provided as a free service to dairies that use Vi-COR fermentation products including A-Max™ and Celmanax™. Contact us for a free consultation to maximize your milk production.
Same Power, New Source

On January 2 Vi-COR became part of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition. That means the all-natural Vi-COR products are now part of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition’s family of brands. That’s the exciting news.

What remains the same is a commitment to exceeding the expectations of both customers and producers with a powerful lineup of proven products and exceptional support. Now more than ever, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition is the brand that stands for "Animals First. Productivity Always."

 same power, new source